Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Essay Writing Tip: Be Specific


So now as the next round of apps begins, I've started reviewing a few essays for friends and I've noticed a common theme in a few essays and it's lack of SPECIFICITY!

For example, instead of saying:
"I am excited to join one of the many student treks"

That statement is really generic and not memorable...try saying:
"I am excited to join the Asia Club's Japan Trek because I am interested in Asian markets and would love to work on my Japanese language skills"

That statement tells me several things.  It shows me that you have done your research, it tells me another interesting thing about you and it tells me that you have global interests.

If you know you love a school, it should be easy to come up with reasons why you want to go, that detailed and relevant to your life goals.  You want the committee/AO's reviewing your essays to not question your desire to go there.  Also, if you find yourself just not interested in anything the school has, or you aren't excited to write about it...maybe that particular school isn't for you.

One thing that is really helpful is to dive deep into the school's website and your notes from conversations with students/alums.  These activities will help you decipher what qualities are important to the school.  Is it collaboration? is it academics? is it culture? Once you figure that out, determining what specifics you would like to highlight should become clear.

Good Luck with essay writing!!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Recap of Summer Goals


Yesterday at MBA convocation, one of the speakers was AMAZING and spoke about the importance of setting a goal and PHYSICALLY writing it down. Apparently there is research in how people that write down goals tend to not only meet them but exceed them.

 I thought back to this summer, I actually wrote a few goals down in a Word doc….I didn’t necessarily meet all of them (some were way too ambitious), but at LEAST I feel like my summer was productive. When my summer began (in late May), I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish…with what I actually accomplished in parentheses. This list was:

• Read at least 3 books (I read 2.5)
• Obtain Pre-MBA Opportunity (Got that..see previous post)
• Work out at least 4x a week (I did about 3 on average)
• Determine budget for school year (still working on that)
• Expand Network (I was able to through MLT/Jumpstart MBA/pre-MBA experience)

I also had about 3-4 personal goals as well. So lets just say I had A LOT on my place. I wish I spent a bit more time relaxing…but that's just me…I find it really hard to sit still. Anyhow, I plan to do this again, to make a few goals for my first year and overall MBA experience. I will write more on that at a later date. I hope everyone else accomplished their goals over the summer, no matter what you are doing with you life. How have you been spending your summer? What are YOUR goals for the next few months?



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So it Begins...

I can't believe it's TIME!!!  It feels like just yesterday I was studying, writing essays, and stressing over the GMAT. Now all my hard work has paid off and I officially started my bschool journey yesterday. By "officially" I mean my first day of class was yesterday. Before I get into how that went, let me update you on what's been going on since moving to Nashville.

Scenic view of Nashville's Midtown area
I arrived in Nashville around the end of July and its been nonstop fun since then! I absolutely love Nashville. I know your thinking "she just moved there" but its such a cute city and has AMAZING food. I'll start taking more pictures so I can share. When I arrived I had about a week to get settled and explore before orientation started. That weeks was spent getting to know my classmates. I hung out with my classmates almost every night leading up to orientation. The events ranged from roof top pool parties to baseball games to catching happy hour at Sam's.

After that week, I started a 2 day math camp with the funniest teacher of all times . When she thought students were getting tired she should make us all stand up and answer a question. One of my favorite questions was " what was the first concert you went to". After math camp our week long orientation started. I could go on and on about orientation but I'll save it for another post. 

The last 2 weeks has been beyond GREAT!  I love Owen's Class of 2014 and I'm sure I will love the 2nd years as I begin to meet them. Without a doubt I made the right choice coming to Vandy!!!

-Ms. HR


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