Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Anything Free in this Bschool Application Process?

FREE that word usually makes me smile especially during this expensive bschool process.  During the last year I've attended a lot of different webinars about business schools and during some of those webinars they offered complementary services and ebooks. It is amazing all the help that is out there that can be used to help you create the best application possible.  Here's a list of complementary services I've came across since starting this bschool journey.
  • Resume Review- You can just google " free MBA Resume review" and plenty of options will come up 
  • Admission consulting and/or profile analysis:  Here are a few companies I've used mba missionadmit advantage, and Clear Admit .  As a side note is anyone planning on using a consulting company?
  • eBooks on resume, essays, and profile analysis  on different parts of the MBA process 
  • Gmat prep- Beat the gmat if you haven't already check them out their  daily questions are extremely helpful!

Ms. HR


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Motown: September Updates

So as you can see, we have been pretty mute this month especially since B-school application process is in gear.

Now that all my applications have gone live, I’ve reached out to all my recommenders and provided each school their email addresses.  I already had one recommender email me and tell me she is almost done! And I had another one finish! (note: The schools didn’t send me a notification that he was FYI check your apps often!) I was NOT expecting my recommenders to be this quick since I told them Dec 1 for all recs.  So NOWWW this weekend I need to source out some thank you gifts. Also, does this mean I may make R1 for some schools? I’m debating that right now.

Also, I have some good news! (for me at least)….I got into the diversity weekend I applied to! Yay! I was worried because the resume I submitted wasn’t the one that I just revised (for the 10th time).  So I was stressed out about that.  Nonetheless, will be at Stern next month.  Now I’ve got to figure out these logistics….

I also, registered for another diversity weekend at Kellogg.  So I have that on my calendar now and looks like I’ll be there as well.  I now have to reach deep deep into my network to find someone to crash with…yet some more logistics.

Finally, my suspicions were verified.  I’ll be doing another long trip for my company.  This will be both good and bad.  It’ll put me closer to some schools that I would like to visit, but also I’m nervous if it will impact my deadline for business school or hinder my chances of being able to attend diversity weekends.  Also, I don’t want the quality of my work to be affected since my trip will be fun yet have some aggressive deadlines.

Also I visited Ross last I will be doing a recap on that next :-)

More to come!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Michigan Time!!

I'm heading to back to Michigan ( GO BLUE!!!! ) this week to help recruit for the company I work for. One of many thing about michigan I loved as an undergrad was all the different career fairs. Each school ( engineering, business, LS&A) all had their own career fair. Even though I will be going to Michigan to help recruit for my company I'm planning a visit to ross.   After I left michigan the new building for Ross opened so I'm excited to see all the new amenities that Ross has. Expect an update of my Ross visit next week!



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bschool Checklist Revisited

It's a been a while since I had the chance to write. Looking back at the dates the last post I wrote was August 8th!  This is the last time I let that much time go by. Sooo looking back at my Bschool-checklist I made in July, lets see what I have accomplished and how much I have to go

  • GMAT
  • Address any gaps I see in my profile -by this I mean if I'm weak on volunteering, get involved in something I'm passionate about.
  • Set budget and save for bschools application process
  • Research schools
  • Finalized schools which I'm planning on applying too
  • Revise resume and get professional feedback on it - I only put this as 1/2 done b/c I would like to go through another round of professional feedback 
  • Think about and finalize recommenders list
  • Decided which recommenders will do what school
  • Make timeline of application deadlines and plan for execution- I have my deadlines set but no plan detailed plan of excution. Just trying to knockout essays.
  • My brand - this bullet point deserves to have its very own post
Well I'm happy to see I'm almost finished with this list. As soon as I make my detailed execution plan I'm sure I will have another list to get through.

-Ms. HR


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview with

It's been a while since we had a chance to post but take a look at our interview with

-Fortune800mba team


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crunched for Time


Earlier this week I was talking to a friend,, who is also applying for business school, and when we finally looked at it…there really isn’t much time at all!!!!
 It's only 1.5 months until mid-Oct 1…the R1 deadline and 4.5 months from mid-Jan….R2 deadlines.  So what will I do inbetween then?
Well mostly I will be a writing machine…literally.  Writing/reworking/editing/re-editing/stressing over up to 25 essays.  Anyways, also I will be going to a few diversity weekends at up to 3 schools.  Reality really set in  for me in four distinct moments in August.
1)     I applied for a Diversity weekend (hopefully I get in)
2)     I did some research about moving over my 401K (for when I get my MBA and quit my job)
3)     I mapped out my calendar through October and mapped out internal deadlines for each school I am applying to.  I plan to be done with all apps by Christmas.
4) I realized I can interview for 2 of my schools before I submit my application 
Well I need to figure out which other school’s Diversity weekends I will be going to.  I really want to be strategic about it since I don’t really have that many vacation days.  Also,  it looks like I will be doing another long trip for my job, so I’m not really sure where I will be in the next few months anyways ….So although I’m a planner…looks like I’ll have to wing it a bit too. 
Just trying to stay on top of things….


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