Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Current Student Interview: Fuqua School of Business @ Duke University

This weekend I spent a few moments talking to a current first year student at Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. The student is a first year concentrating in Health Care Management and Marketing.  Previous to business school, he was a Pharmacist.

First, we started off playing phone tag all last week.  So Sunday afternoon, groggy from my afternoon coma nap, I decided to text him first.

I first texted “Hi XXXXX” and accidently pressed send before I could write the whole text.  So I scrambled to write out a full paragraph text that kinda made sense in order to redeem myself.  He immediately called me back, before I could set up my laptop, notebook and pen for our conversation.  Sooo I may have missed a few notes here and there….but the main points are below:
  • Compared to other business schools he was interested in (other top schools), the students were more authentic and have dynamic personalities
  • The courses are extremely fast paced due to the way Duke schedules their classes.  Duke is split into 6-week courses with 2 -week breaks in between.  Although it is really demanding, it does allow for students to take more courses.
  • He told this story about how his classmates all helped each other for an interview for a job that they were all competing for; it was really inspiring
  • At the same interview, he competed against other MBA students from top (Wharton, HBS, Columbia) schools

He was on the way to a birthday celebration…so I missed some key questions like “What is life like in Durham?”,  “How is student life?” etc etc.  But we both said that we would stay in touch and that he can connect me to people who are interested in social enterprise.

In a nutshell, Fuqua sounds like it’s great for the person who is looking for a fast paced curriculum and collaborative environment. Also as a sidebar, I’ll probably be visiting Duke in a few weeks with Ms. HR, So we will both be giving our own spin on the program.  The verdict is still out for if it is a good fit for me…more to come on that.

Has anyone else visited/researched Fuqua?  Have any thoughts?

Want to know more about Duke?
Check out:


mbalady May 1, 2011 at 5:29 PM  

Hi Motown. Great job with the blog (to you and your friends). Would love to connect with you, as I am also a prospective student applying this year going into social enterprise (with no previous social enterprise professional experience), and funny enough I have narrowed down what I would NOT like to do similar to you. I have done a bit of research on Fuqua in the past few weeks and it is going on the top of my list because of the tremendous resources they have for Social Enterprise.

Motown May 1, 2011 at 11:43 PM  

@MBAlady Thanks for the kudos! We should def connect and chat more about Social enterprise! Email me at so we can chat about this! Look forward to it!

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