Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recap of Kellogg Student Interviews

Everyone Loves the Smell of my Armpits
Fun, Creative, Marketing, Student Run were all the words that came to mind during my Kellogg student interviews.  One student told me to find “Everyone Loves the Smell of my Armpits”, another told me about the work she did in Africa and another told me about an AMAZING internship she had with the government.  And basically, I was sold.

To clarify, This video, Everyone loves the Smell of my Armpits, is apart of a huge Marketing competition that is across the entire business school.  This is how one group marketed their product. 
Kellogg here I visit at least.
Recently, I interviewed three different students at Kellogg, all of whom really painted a solid picture for me.  I wasn’t really sure what Kellogg stood for outside of its marketing reputation.  
Kellogg has a quarter system so they have the opportunity to take so many classes, travel and have multiple concentrations.   I really like this because I’m really interested in Kellogg’s Social Enterprise Program, SEEK , yet I’ll still have a opportunity to explore my other interests.  Furthermore, there were several indications from examples of student orgs and curriculums that Kellogg truly is a student run campus. 
The students were really candid and open and didn’t just give me the standard answer of “I just love the people here,” story.  Although all the students mentioned that, I felt like I got a better picture of what Kellogg has to offer.
Oh the last and final takeaway is: KELLOGG IS MORE THAN MARKETING!!!!
To Learn more about Kellogg click here
Anyone visited Kellogg?  Thoughts on it?
P.S My favorite line of the Youtube vid  is “I sweat so much I make it rain” lolololol


#CIQY May 6, 2011 at 9:27 AM  

I love that video! Mo-town thanks for sharing your perspective on the Kellogg students...I'm actually going to visit on 6/10 so I'll be sure to share my thoughts from visiting...did you get a chance to ask what kinds of internships the marketing students do?

Motown May 10, 2011 at 1:15 PM  

@ #CIQY I loved the video too. When I saw it I HAD to post it lol. When you visit please share it with me. Since I'm more interested in Social Enterprise I didn't get to ask about Marketing, but there are plenty of opptys for that at Kellogg.

Thanks for your comment!

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