Monday, June 6, 2011

And It Starts...

I"ve been reading on several blogs and websites about how June is the beginning of application season.  I had no idea…
So with this in mind, I decided to listen to a few consultants’ webinars and even did one of those [free] 15 min consultations with a major MBA consulting company.  Both were REALLY helpful and helped me get a realistic look at my story and my profile.  The verdict is still out if I’m going to pay for one or not, but I figure I have time to hash that out.  I also looked at a few essays from some schools on my radar to see what I’m in for once I start writing.  Basically these were the main takeaways from my activities over the past few weeks.
  •  Figure out your story into Short Term and Long Term Goals
  •  Determine what defines your values and passions
  • Divide your bio into academics, personal, Work Experience, and goals

With this in mind I just started thinking about what stories I definitely want any school's admissions committee to know about me.  I definitely have one story in mind that I plan to share with all the schools I’m applying too....but that’s about it :-/.  I'm realizing that it’s hard to know what makes you unique when you are YOU (if that makes sense).  So I just plan to bounce some things off some friends and mentors to see if my stories sound generic or interesting.
How have you started your b-school application season?
Okay...back to my books lol


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