Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bschool Checklist Revisited

It's a been a while since I had the chance to write. Looking back at the dates the last post I wrote was August 8th!  This is the last time I let that much time go by. Sooo looking back at my Bschool-checklist I made in July, lets see what I have accomplished and how much I have to go

  • GMAT
  • Address any gaps I see in my profile -by this I mean if I'm weak on volunteering, get involved in something I'm passionate about.
  • Set budget and save for bschools application process
  • Research schools
  • Finalized schools which I'm planning on applying too
  • Revise resume and get professional feedback on it - I only put this as 1/2 done b/c I would like to go through another round of professional feedback 
  • Think about and finalize recommenders list
  • Decided which recommenders will do what school
  • Make timeline of application deadlines and plan for execution- I have my deadlines set but no plan detailed plan of excution. Just trying to knockout essays.
  • My brand - this bullet point deserves to have its very own post
Well I'm happy to see I'm almost finished with this list. As soon as I make my detailed execution plan I'm sure I will have another list to get through.

-Ms. HR


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