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Welcome to Fortune800: Our Journey to an MBA Blog

Michigan is where it started (Go Blue!)
Three different views is what you get
1 Goal is what we are after
Come with us on our journey towards a MBA!

Heres a little information about us:

Ms. HR - University of Michigan graduate, Michigander and soon be to executive of HR. Haha you will soon learn that I will be the corny one out of the bunch. I have no problem owning up to that! Anyways it all started at the great University of Michigan where I've made some of the best friendships while studying electrical engineering. After umich.edu I then went to work in corporate America, where I'm currently working for one of the BEST companies. Its been fun being an engineer these last 3 years but I know its time to move on and find my dream job (in HR). I'm looking forward to sharing my journey! Hope you enjoy the ride.

Motown - You can probably guess where I'm from..Motown aka Detroit, MI! Anyways, So I met these 2 at the great school that is University of Michigan, where I also studied engineering.  After that I joined a large company in  a rotational program and afterwards landed a job as a safety and environmental specialist (yes, thats a far cry from being an engineer..) within the same company.  It's been a great in the real world but I'm ready to go back to school to eventually work for a non-profit or for the government to help out Detroit which is my true passion.  As a sidenote, I'm also a MLT Fellow.  So I'll provide [some] insight to that as well.  I still don't know how I'm going to get there....but I'll get there...soon.

Mads Mom - First off I'm a mom, (hence the name) to an energetic little girl and my little dog too. I too went to U of M, where I started in engineering but I moved around a lot and end up in Sociology. After graduation I started working for the family business, but now it's time for me to figure out what I want to do. I have a love for sports, photography, and I am a straight up geek! Currently I am in art school and photography school, working, being a mom, you name it...pretty much multi-tasking my way thru life. Its on to the next one as I attempt to combine art, technology, and business in my own career....some how. Art...check...tech...check...business...here I come.


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