Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recap of Fuqua Visit

Honestly this was a tough entry to write.

Not because of the visit itself, but moreso on how to make it NOT sound like a book report lol.

Anyways, the main takeaway from Ms. HR and I’s visit to Fuqua is this: GO VISIT SCHOOLS

I know that sounds trite.  But until last weekend, I held school visits at an arm’s length.  I would love to have the money and time to visit alllll the schools I am interested in, yet I never really mapped out that plan nor narrowed down my list of schools I’m dying to visit.  An Alum said it best.  He said, “Your business school education roughly costs 150 to 200K which is the cost of a house.  Would you buy a house without seeing it?”

Nuff said.

There’s nothing like being on a school campus.  It totally outweighs any interviews, website visits or Facebook stalking.
::steps off soapbox::

Lets get to the visit.

First thing, the Fuqua students and Alums were really open and honest about their experiences. which was great for all of us prospective students.  Luckily, it was a small group of us, so we got to really interact closely with the admissions directors and alums…which was AMAZING.

Furthermore, we attended a conference intended for MBA students but honestly, it was extremely engaging and interesting regardless.  It really made me realize that in a year, that will be us.  Yes….ALL OF US.
Thus, another takeaway I had was to start to think NOW about what I want out of business school.  Yet another somewhat obvious takeaway.  Tons of questions were going through my head throughout the weekend.  What organizations do I want to be in?  How can I be a leader amongst leaders in Bschool? Where will my internship be? Are there any other experiences I should be having NOW before I go back to school? What alums should I connect with? Etc…etc…etc…

Also last takeaway, Business school is tough.  Yes, another duh moment.  But between listening to speakers, networking,  panels, bar nights, etc.  I was literally exhausted by Sunday and looked forward to going home to just sleep….and that’s how it will be once WE…yes all of us….Go to business school.

So get used to it.

Has anyone else visited schools and learned anything surprising?  How did it influence your goals and ideas?  Ms. HR…anything you would like to add? Anything I missed?


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