Friday, May 25, 2012

Book Review: MBA Admission for Smarties

We all had the chance to review  MBA Admission for Smarties book. Instead of us all writing a different post we decided to do a joint post. Enjoy!

Ms.HR: Overall this book had some helpful tips. Since I found this book late in my MBA process I didn't have time to read to the book cover to cover so the " bottomline"  at the end of each chapter helped me focus in on chapters of interest. After everything was submitted, I revisited this book while packing up my apartment and I wish I would have had the time to take a close look at the book during the MBA process. There was one chapter "Choosing the right school for you " that just spoke to me. When I started looking programs I was really caught up in the ranking and only looked at certain schools but then came to my senses and picked a program that was right for me. It would have been nice to read that chapter to cut down the time I wasted choosing schools because of their rankings.

Another  section of the book I  really enjoyed was a chapter that gave you ideas of things you could do after you submitted the application.  After I hit submit I did nothing but relax and a little interview prep. There were things I could have done to be more productive with my time like "plan the logistics of life in bschool".

Mads Mom: Although I too found this book later in the application process, there was definitely some helpful information. I mainly used the book to focus on the interview process. Honestly I think I am pretty good at coming up with some information on the spot, so at first I wasn't too nervous about the interviews, but after helping Ms.HR prep for one of her interviews I realized that I was going about this all wrong. After reading the chapter on interviews I definitely had to reevaluate how I was going to go about preparing for my interviews. Since I wasn't the ideal candidate, the interview process was the one way I knew I could win over the admissions people, and after I reviewed and followed the steps noted in the chapter, I blew a couple of interviews out of the water (or park, whatever that saying is)! Overall I would recommend this book for those of you who area just starting your application process, and even for those who have already submitted their applications and are getting ready for interviews.


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