Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How I decided.....

CONGRATS MS. HR ON YOUR DECISION!!! I know that you are going to LOVE Vanderbilt and I totally will be visiting there!!!

Well like Ms. HR I had a really hard time deciding between schools.  I somehow narrowed it down to two and really did some deep reflection about how I am as a person.  Where do I thrive? What kind of experience do I want? 

It’s weird because going into this process… I was not all.  Maybe through this blog I fooled you into thinking that I was deeply thinking about this whole process and knew myself SO well...but in reality I was not J    I was focused on my GMAT score, focused on writing the best essays and also trying to be a beast at work.  
I wasn’t really “in touch” with my feelings….AT ALL.

So now I had about 3 weeks to deal with this issue.  I was somewhat miffed.  I had around a year to apply but only 3 weeks so decide on this MASSIVE investment.  Anyhow so like the true engineer I am…I narrowed it down to two schools and made a decision matrix.

Then,  I took an AWESOME friends advices.  One day I pretended that I accepted school X..and then the next day I pretended to accept school Y.  I took note of how I felt.  I pretended to plan my summer, my first semester of classes and what my next two years would be like.  

THEN I called SOOOO MANY people on my board of directions.  I spoke to TONS of people.  People at work, people at school X and school Y. My friends, coworkers anyone who would hear me rant about this champagne problem.

And then magically…it came to me.  I spoke to one of the most realest people I met through this process….and it dawned on me who I REALLY was….and I paid my deposit J
To be continued…..


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