Monday, July 11, 2011

Storytelling with Friends

Over the 4th of July I had the chance to hang out with Motown and MktgBadger. These 2 are hilarious!  Everything we did became a conversation on how it could be used to answer an essay question (some were jokes and others would actually make good essays).

Honestly before that weekend, I had not really done much self reflection on what life experiences I could pull from to show a specific characteristic for essays. After hanging with these two I catch myself thinking more about situations that are unique and how I can pull pieces from those situations to put together essays.

Another insightful thing we did is list our personal traits. I definitely think this is something you should go over with a friend who knows you well. It was interesting to hear some of the traits that the  two of them suggested for me. For example, I believe it was Motown who said I was persuasive, which is something I would have never listed for myself.  Since Motown and I  go way back she had stories on how I showed that personal trait.  It was also very interesting to hear everyones stories that backed up their personal traits. If you haven't already take some time to storytell with friend :)

-Ms. HR


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