Monday, July 25, 2011

Round and Round and Round


I now understand what it means when ‘they’ say “apply when it is RIGHT for you”.  I am torn.  Right now, I’m on track for R1 submissions and initially thought that I was going to split the rounds especially since I am consider applying to some Consortium schools.  However, I am currently in the midst of a financial accounting class, possibly getting a new role (within my company), STILL considering if I will re-take the GMAT and also working on a project for a month off-site (therefore extensive travel).  Also, personally I have a few things going on with baby showers, weddings, birthdays and really need time to take it all in.  Futhermore, right now my list of schools is at 10…and I must reduce that properly and not haphazardly.  I do not want to feel rushed/pressured in that regard.

Long story short…I have A LOT going on.

So I struggled, but I realized that perhaps R2 is best for me.  Also, it will be nice to have my dings and acceptances all at one time, instead of trickling in between both rounds, and possibly stressing me out even more.  I felt kind of disappointed that I have been waiting for this exact moment for almost a year and I am still not prepared!  But on the flipside, this gives me a chance to visit some schools, attend some diversity events and develop more relationships with people at the school.  I’ve also thought about taking ONE more class and starting to clear out my apartment (since I’m moving in 2012 due to Bschool..and I have A LOT of things)…so once again…A LOT is on my plate at the moment thus R2 seems like a better fit :-/

What do you think? R1? R2? R3? R4 (yes I have seen R4….)? Splitting the rounds? What is your plan?



Monique July 25, 2011 at 5:07 PM  

I'm torn between rounds 1 and 2. I'm thinking I should go for round 2, because I know a lot of candidates for R1 may beat me out since I don't have the strongest creds. However, I need money, so I feel like that should make me apply for R1 - no brainer. I haven't decided for sure, probably wait to talk to some admissions ppl before I make my final decision.

Motown July 26, 2011 at 12:35 PM  

@Monique Yea you sound like me! It's so hard to decide what round! From what I've 'heard' R2 is the most populous round and $ is still available but you are right, R1 puts you in a better position for that. If you reach out to AO's let me know their take on this!

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