Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What the...!?

So as we have been writing this blog and posting it on Twitter and talking about it with friends…  I’ve gotten a few questions.  So I may not be the best person to speak on some of the things that we may mention in passing…but hopefully I can direct you to the right resources.  So here's a few answers from some things we have mentioned…but not really clarified:

What is the Consortium?
It’s basically a group of schools that desire to support the Consortium’s mission which is to increase diversity in b-school and corporations (I’m extremely paraphrasing…).  Anyhow, they do this through providing a streamlined to apply to their partner schools and also providing scholarships to those that qualify.  To learn more about it check it out here.   The Consortium

What is MLT?
MLT stands for Management Leaders of Tomorrow.  There are several programs that MLT offers, but I’m primarily referring to the MBA Prep Program.  It’s an org that also guides diverse candidates process to business school.  To learn more about it, check it out here. MLT

What is “your story”?
Your story is YOU beyond your numbers.  Your short and long term goals and your path to get there.  It is your path you took to realize your goals and how you plan to accomplish them.  It is also a hard look at your strengths and weaknesses and the [interesting] stories to explain them.  (There are plenty of resources about this…but here is one)

I hope this helps our readers and I’ll continue to periodically explain terms.  Are there any other terms that are unclear?  Anything else I SHOULD know?


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