Monday, August 29, 2011

Network, Network, Network....August updates

As I mentioned a while ago, August has been a month of intense networking for me.  I had the chance to visit Stanford (BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS), attend a few coffee chats/happy hours and an MBA fair.  Although it sounds cheesy, it was really fun just to talk about myself and practice telling my story.  I also had the chance to connect with some Admissions Officers, and I’m *hoping* I didn’t come off as “THAT GIRL”.  You know the one that’s like super annoying and just way too over zealous?  Since I talk about my MBA w/friends and family and also write about it..a lot…I just hope I’m just not over the top.
Stanford GSB Campus
Fortunately, I feel like I was not like that (I hope lol).  During this time  in August.  I’ve also just chatted with friends w/MBAs or in programs at schools that I want to go to and it brought me right back down to earth…thank goodness.
I feel like the best prep for the month of August has been my frequent convos with students and friends about the MBA.  So when I got to speak with AO’s (AO = Admission’s Officers) in person…it came easy and natural…almost.  There were some questions that the AO’s asked me that threw me off, but mostly it was a natural easy-going conversation and it really humanized this process for me.
Also in other news, I finally had conversations with four of my recommenders and they were happy to write my recs.  Now time set up my last conversation.  Thank you for the encouraging words and advice :-)
Now time to followup with the people I met in August...and calm my nerves as I go into September.  Officially my essay 'season' has begun :-/


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