Monday, August 8, 2011

Time to Get Organized

I wish I could but I can't work in clutter or disorganization. I always need a checklist and detail plan on how to get to my final goal. Just to give you all a glipse of how much organization I like, here is a small snap shot of my study schedule when I was studying for the gmat

(side note: I didn't always follow the times but you get the point.)  A little out of control I know but it worked for me.  I'm starting to feel so disorganized now!!!  I have a list of school with different deadlines and plenty of essays. I NEED a detailed plan of how I'm going to execute.  I may need to break out Micrsoft Project and get the planning lol. Hopefully this week I'll find some time create my plan using MS Project or excel.

Also, I have been eyeing this website Apply in the Sky which may help me keep all my documents and deadlines organized but I still need to google this site/company a bit more. If I decide to use the website that would take care of  a few of my organizational needs but I still need a detailed calendar of deadlines and daily/weekly/monthly goals.  Anyone have any good tools or websites that you are using to stay organized? 

Ms. HR


Lili August 30, 2011 at 11:39 PM  

A friend of mine created Apply in the Sky. She is great and I think the site is great as well (I am using it to apply this year).
I think you will find it useful especially given your penchant for list :)

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