Monday, November 7, 2011

My Visit to Johnson (Cornell)

I had the chance to visit cornell a few weeks ago for Johnson Means Business.  Let me tell you the campus is beautiful!  I got to campus a little early just to walk around and explore since it was also my first time to Ithaca. There was a lot of gorges around campus and each one I seen I had to stop and just admire the view. The picture to the right is one I took with my phone while walking across a bridge. The picture doesn't really do it justice but you kind-of get the point. The picture below I'm not sure what building that is lol. I want to say it was sage hall but I'm not sure. I took it when I was walking around. Again the campus was really pretty especially with all the fall colors.  So with this post I'm just going to highlight a few things I loved about visiting Johnson/Ithaca. Actually I loved everything so let me change that statement to things I REALLY REALLY loved. The ODI office did an AMAZING job putting together this event.  In the few days I was up there I learned so much and met so many people.
First, Sage social was really cool! You had faculty, students and their families hanging out enjoying food and drinks. It was a nice chance to network and talk with everyone.  Also the dean of Johnson was walking around talking to everyone. Throughout the weekend that was one thing I notice the dean was really involved with the events on campus.

Second, I sat in a finance and statistics class. The stats class interesting and had interesting sound effects. I guess the teacher is know for having sound effects with his powerpoints.  The finance class was also fun. I love class visits because you really get to see the student faculty relationship, which is always interesting. We actually had one of Johnson's communication teacher host a session on public speaking. She was FABULOUS.  I immediately wished I was a student so I could  sign up for her class.

Lastly, prior to the JMB event, they asked everyone to I had take an MBTI test. During a session we actually talked about the results and how the different personality types could make changes to themselves to effectively work together.  It was a fun interactive team building exercise.

After JMB, there was the diversity symposium. That event was also GREAT. Time permitting, I may do another post just about the diversity symposium. If your just starting your bschool process and Johnson is on your radar. I would definitely recommend going to JMB next year.

Side Note: So for those who have an inner fat kid like me, I had the BEST sandwich from this place called college town bagel. Anyone who's planning on going to visit Johnson try college town bagel!

-Ms. HR


Cheetarah1980 December 18, 2011 at 9:37 AM  

I attended JMB as well. The Myers Briggs exercise was a lot of fun. And all the food was great! When ODI says breakfast will be served they aren't kidding! The Diversity Symposium was terrific. I've been to other schools' diversity conferences and Johnson's blows them away by far. I probably won't be applying to Johnson, but I do think that it's a very cool place to go to school.

Rokki Winchester October 15, 2016 at 2:46 PM  

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