Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Visit to HBS

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a day at Harvard Business School, overall it was really cool! Since I happened to be on the E. Coast for work I was totally able to swing by Boston, visit a friend and visit HBS for Prospective Students Day!


Before I start my recap, I will be honest, my Boston trip was kind of last minute…So I ended up staying at a friends apartment (who was gone on business for a night) and she said I could use her car.   So…my first experience that morning in Boston was conquering Boston traffic in torrential rain.  As I drove in the wrong direction, my contact decided to rip in my eye…OUCH.  So as I’m at a stop light, I throw out my left contact…and decide I’m just going to have one good eye for the day……now on to HBS

Just to recap, it started off with a warm welcome.  We got a presentation from admissions and a warm welcome from students.  From there we had a mock class, which was also super cool.  It was one of the first times I ever sat in a case class. As a person from an engineering background, I was shocked about how much I learned in such a short time and seriously…it was SO INTERESTING.  I should also note that we had to prep a case before.
Next we had lunch with prospective students and current students.  It was also really nice too.  The students were really open and honest about the whole business school application process, not just HBS.  

Following, we had a tour of the school.  So nice to know that there are Bschool dorms and HBS apartments as well.  Also, there are tunnels that connect all the buildings which will be SO convenient in the winter and worked in our favor since it was raining.  Post-tour, we listened to Alum and current student panels which was SOOO open.  I really LOVED the honesty and frankness that everyone exuded.

Finally, the day ended in a reception.  I appreciated how intrigued the students and alums were in my success.  Shocked.  They listened to my goals and even thought about ways I could improve it and hone it to fit the application.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience and the people! Even the prospective students were super cool.  Also, the facilities were fantastic as well and the architecture…uber impressive.

P.S It was raining really bad and I took one photo, and it sucked...also vision wasn't up to par.  My photo was sideways and gloomy looking…So I had to just use this image instead.

Anyone else visit HBS?  Thoughts?



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