Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

I <3 Michigan. Visiting Ross reminded me why I chose University of Michigan for undergrad. First things first, ann arbor is such a cute town. Football was amazing. During this busy trip to Michigan I made sure to attend a football game. All the Michigan Alumni you must go back and visit the Big House, it is so much better!  The Big House was great before but its amazing now. The student section had a new chant and the DJ was 100x better.

Okay now to the good stuff , Ross! I too signed up on their website. I paid to park in a parking structure that was like a 3 min walk from the bschool. Parking was really cheap from like 8am-1pm it was only $5.   I enjoyed the two 2nd years students they had at Q&A session. Both were really straight forward with their answers. One thing I noticed and liked about the Ross visit is that they had a lot of classes to choose from. Since the classes where throughout the day you could potential go to more than one class.

I have to co-sign with Motown, the building was absolutely AMAZING! The 6th floor view is breathtaking.

The highlight of my visit to Ross was definitely the class I attended.  I went to a class called "Persuasive Management Communication". During the class they had to give a 5 min presentation on any persuasive topic.  The students  gave presentations on various different topics. A few of my favorite were  "Why to go to Thailand for New years" , "say no to kindle dxg" and my favortite one was "why you need to own a koozie".  Not only do the topics show so much personality but during the Q&A section after each presentation the students asked witty and funny questions.  If this class represents the entire bschool class I can definitely see myself fitting in.

I was not able to connect with anyone who wanted to do  HR post MBA but everyone I asked gave me their contact information and said they would put me in contact with someone who was doing. I'm in Michigan a few more days so hopefully I'll connect with someone before I leave

-Ms. Hr


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