Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Overall my visit to Ross was pretty pleasant. I just did a VIP visit though the website, so it was not affiliated with a diversity/special event.  This was the first time I did a visit like this. It was nice seeing the school as “authentic” as possible.

Anyhow heres my play by play.

So first, parking was not easy to find…and I am pretty familiar with ann arbor. I looked for some parking in student neighborhoods and eventually just caved in and parked in a structure. Just a heads up for anyone planning a visit, leave early b/c I probably walked about 3-5 blocks to get to the school. It was really nice and reminded me of my life on campus. However keep in mind, I knew where I was going…so if you aren’t familiar with the twists and turns of the campus…leave early!

I was in disbelief how beautiful the school was.  From what I understand, Ross got its new building in 2009, which was after I graduated. I totally felt like I was not at Michigan….which was great for me b/c I could feel that it would be something ‘new’ for me if I ended up going to Ross.

Anyways so when I got there I signed up and went spent about an hour with two students in a Q&A. They were all friendly and pretty candid. I could not believe how honestly they answered my questions about financial aid. Afterwards we went on a campus tour. Once again, I was soooo impressed by the facilities. It’s super state-of-the-art! We went to the 6th floor of Ross and you could see the skyline of Ross. I realized, after spending 5 years at Michigan, I never had seen the campus from a rooftop. I literally was drooling at how pretty the campus was and the fact you could see the Big House in the background.

Anyhow, after the tour I went to a Corporate Strategy course which is apart of the core. So the students had only been in class 3 weeks but their insights seemed (at least to me) pretty solid. I didn’t see the case, but it was pretty easy to catch on and interesting. I also took a few random notes and looked around. I saw that most people weren’t on laptops or phones (so really engaged in the class discussion) and also most students raised their hands to speak....and usually spoke for about 45 secs to 1 min. So I thought they were engaged but also like not trying to hog the spotlight..which is cool. Also, the demographics of the class were pretty mixed. There were like ~80 students and it looked like a mix from all over the world with a (kind of) even number of men and women.

Anyways, so afterwards was lunch. I was honestly starving and the lunch was SO good. They host a restaurant in one area of their Wintergarden (which is their cafeteria area) and this week was a Middle Eastern restaurant. By the way, middle eastern is like my favorite kind of food...I was sososososososososososo happy about the food!

After lunch I broke away from the group to go to the admissions office to get a few questions answered. I was really disappointed that no one was there to answer my questions. I tried financial aid too, and no one was available. So the catch about doing random visits on campus is that it’s kind of hit or miss to be able to connect with admissions reps. Just keep that in mind in the future if you are planning any random visits, not associated with a special event.

Lastly, my takeways from my visit are:

  • I’m now 100% comfortable imagining myself at Ross. I don’t think it would be a ‘repeat’ of my undergrad, which was one of my top concerns. I really felt like I was at a different school
  • A student told me that, he took advantage of going to school with a college atmosphere since this is probably the last time he would be in a ‘small’ town
  • There’s no class on Fridays
  • There’s no GPA
Well hope this helped someone out there. Tomorrow check out Ms. HR's post about her visit to Ross


Note: the title Rosswesome came from a student’s team name. I thought it was pretty clever and funny….just wanted you to know I was NOT the one that made that up!


Jon October 5, 2011 at 2:15 PM  

Not that I'm intending to freak you out by commenting on your post (glad you had a good visit!), but I was sorry to hear that no one was here to meet with you while you were on campus - travel season will do that! You can feel free to connect w/me via rossmbaATumich.edu with any questions you might have.

Jon Fuller
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Ross School of Business

Motown October 7, 2011 at 8:55 PM  

Hi Jon,
Thanks for commenting on our blog! You gave us a little surprise, but it's welcomed. I really enjoyed my visit to campus and was able to eventually get my questions answered with the financial aid email address. If anything else comes up, I'll be sure to contact you!


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