Monday, October 3, 2011

Wharton Student Interview

So during this quest to get my MBA I have spoken to probably at least 20-30 students. All who have given me pretty honest answers about their experiences at school X. So lately, I have been changing my strategy to speak to students that are not interested in social enterprise. I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and see how students outside of social enterprise evaluate programs (in case I ever want to switch when I get to school). So last month I had the chance to speak with a Wharton student in Retail and Luxury goods(one of my back up back up plans…more to come on that later). Below are (some) the details:

This student had a great internship with an R&L company and spoke about the job treks that helped her get this opportunity. As far as academics, she said that the first year at Wharton is grueling with the core courses but at the same time the curriculum is changing to be more focused on leadership for incoming classes.

She also told me about her experience with Wharton Leadership Ventures, which are treks that are generally risky and test how you react in stressful situations. I thought that was sooooo cool. Also, she mentioned how Wharton is going to be changing their curriculum a bit to focus a bit more on leadership.

Wharton is great for the student that wants a very rigorous business school curriculum, but also has great leadership opportunities with plenty of available resources.

Anyone else thinking about Wharton?



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