Monday, October 17, 2011

Will I get in?

Since I’m only applying to two Consortium schools, I’m debating adding one more school.   I’ve had a school on my mind for a while butttt I realized that applying to more than 6 schools may not be wise. 

As I shared my school list with a few of my close friends, some of them ask me, “Which one is your safety?”  Well, I do have 3 safety schools in which my GMAT fits in their 80% range and I’m within their GPA range as well, but these schools still have acceptance rates hovering around 25%.  So my questions to myself are: Will I get in? Am I overconfident?

While I do have faith that everything happens for a reason, I (guess) I’m okay not getting into any school.... as long as I put forth 100% effort into my applications.  Yet at the same time, am I short changing myself by selecting schools that are all pretty selective?

Anyhow, so the school I have in mind,  I researched extensively in the spring.  I really really really liked the students, alums and AOs that I met but was not sure that the school could really fulfill my ST and LT goals.  So…I took it off my list but always felt bad about taking it off…ARGH!!! What to do?! 


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